1. Muk Eun Ji Kimchi’s Everyday Happy Hour 20% Discount

    Come enjoy Muk Eun Ji's new long lasting Happy Hour special! We apply a 20% discount off the total amount ordered during the period of our Happy Hour.

    You can find our Happy Hour everyday from:
    2:30 PM to 6:00 PM
    Also 10:30 PM to 10:30 AM

    Whether you are looking for a late lunch or a late night snack, Muk Eun Ji Kimchi is go…

  2. Muk Eun Ji’s Aged Kimchi: The Artisanship of Fermentation

    (Muk Eun Ji’s Signature Aged Kimchi)

    Acquire a Growing Appreciation for Aged Kimchi

    Demand for Kimchi is rising and consumers are scouring Korean Restaurants, local food markets and Korea Towns of major cities in search of the best

  3. Muk Eun Ji’s Graduation Event and Graduation Offer

    Celebrate Your Graduation! Remember Your Favorite Memories with Your Favorite Dishes!

    Muk Eun Ji is celebrating the class of 2013 graduation. Come join us for your graduation celebrations and receive a complimentary dish from Muk Eun Ji. Complimentary dish options include Jap Chae, Soo Yook, Haemool Pa Jeon, Tteok Bokki or Kimchi Jeon. Celebrate your memorable moment with you favorite food from Muk Eun Ji. This special promotion will run through graduation season from May 15, 2013 to May 31, 2013.

    Please make a reservation to redeem this offer for graduation
    call 212.736.0099

  4. Create an Unforgettable Mother’s Day at Muk Eun Ji

    Take your mother out for a special meal on this Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 12). Introduce mom to the delicious Korean-inspired dishes at Muk Eun Ji to make her happy. Muk Eun Ji guests who bring their mother will receive a complimentary Kimchi Jeon (Kimchi Pancake) in celebration of mom’s favorite day. Your mother will love our Kimchi Jeon and she will love you for bringing her here.


  5. Drink Menu - Liquor & Soft Drink


    Chamisul "참이슬" $14.99
    Chamisul Fresh "참이슬 후레쉬" $14.99
    Chumchurum "처음처럼" $14.99
    Chumchurum Cool "처음처럼 쿨" $14.99
    Cham So Ju "참소주" $14.99
    Ipsaeju "잎새주" $14.99

    Korean Traditional Wine

    Bok Bun Ja "복분자" $18.99
    Bak Se Ju "백세주" $17.99
    Sul Joong Mae "설중매" $19.99
    San Sa Chun "산사춘" $17.99
    Saeng Makgulee "생막걸리" (국순당, 서울 생생막걸리) $19.99


    Coor Light $5.9…

  6. Michelle Obama is a lover of Kimchi

    Make your own Simple Kimchi
    Michelle Obama posted Simple Kimchi Recipe on her twitter account.

    Along with the photo of jars of Kimchi and the harvested cabbages grown in her garden, she tweeted “Last week, we picked Napa cabbage in the garden. Now we’re using it to make Kimchi in the kitchen. Make it at home”

  7. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Muk Eun Ji Kimchi

    Happy Valentine's day from Muk Eun Ji, Best Korean Kimchi Restaurant in NYC

    One of the great things about living in New York City is you can get any type of cuisine without traveling abroad. On Valentine’s Day, why don’t you take your loved one to Muk Eun Ji to present him/her a memorable and exotic experience?

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    See Our Menu


  8. Muk Eun Ji $500 Cash Prize Event Winner Nickie Sunba!

    Muk Eun Ji $500 Cash Prize Event Winner Nickie Sunba Muk Eun Ji, Best Korean Kimchi Restaurant in NYC.

    Nickie Sunba, the winner of Muk Eun Ji $500 Cash Prize Event, is taking a pose with her prize ($500)! Thank you Nickie for all of your support!

    Her comment about Muk Eun Ji Aged Kimchi:

    “Wow, now the secret is OUT! Muk Eun Ji is good for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol! It also has tons of antioxidants and probiotic bacteria! Wouldn’t you rather have this amazing kimichi than to take all those dreadful bottles of pills and buy al…

  9. Muk Eun Ji Fermented Kimchi: One of Food Trends for 2013 by The New York Times

    Muk Eun Ji, Best Korean Kimchi Restaurant in NYC, featured in the New York TimesMuk Eun Ji's fermented kimchi was introduced as one of food trends for 2013 by The New York Times
    The New York Times introduced 10 food trends people would taste in 2013. One of the trends was fermentation, and Muk Eun Ji

  10. $500 Cash Prize Event Announcement

    $500 Cash Prize Event at Muk Eun Ji, Best Korean Kimchi Restaurant in NYC

    We greatly appreciate all the thoughtful comments about Muk Eun Ji and its benefits in response to our $500 Cash Prize Event!

    We honor the best comment by “Nickie Sunba” with $500 Cast Prize!

    Complimentary Kimchi Jeon for Honorable Mentions:

    Theo Kim, Lisa Huang, Kenny Jahng, and Sang Yoon Park

    *The prizes will be granted at Muk Eun Ji Restaurant in Manhattan (Valid ID Required)

    Nickie’s comment:

    “Wow, now the secret is OUT! Muk Eun Ji is good for lowering bl…